Jordan Temple is a humble comedic genius.

He is a New York City born, New York City based stand up comedian and writer who grew up in the projects peeing in the staircase and also the elevator.

In 2017 he was a writer for the Golden Globe nominated Showtime comedy “Smilf”, and is currently writing for The Rundown with Robin Thede on BET.

Jordan is the mastermind behind the original comedic play, ‘Hidden Fences’ that has sold out four times and was staged at The Bell House for New York Comedy Festival. In ‘Hidden Fences’ Jordan plays an exaggerated version of the Denzel Washington role, ‘Troy’. In October of 2017, Jordan staged his follow up to Hidden Fences, an absurdist, one-act, one-man play entitled ‘The Color Urkel’.
In January of 2018, he made his late night television debut on Conan doing stand up. Hella talents doe.

He resides in his hometown of Queens with his girlfriend and deaf cat Motley. Queens Get The Money.