The Color Urkel dates coming soon...
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The Color Urkel dates coming soon...

In the follow up to his acclaimed, smash hit mash up play, Hidden Fences, Jordan Temple opens the world of mash up plays even more with the silly and experimental, The Color Urkel. In The Color Urkel, Steve Urkel and his smooth alter-ego Stefon Urquelle are separated through space and time. They communicate with each other through pre-recorded letters about what life is like for black people in each time period and give each other tips on how to survive, all while making efforts to reunite. The Color Urkel is an epic, black history comedy play that makes references to black television, music, pop culture and politics all while remaining absurdly hilarious and strange. 'It's about life. It's about love. It's about 'Did I do thaaaat?!'

The show originally made a five night run at The Creek & The Cave in October of 2017 where in addition to playing both characters, Jordan also opened the shows with stand up. In February 2018, Jordan added a Carl Winslow character, played by the very talented improviser, actor and sketch comedian, Richard Armstead. Those shows were staged at The Tank NYC. And most recently, in the same month as Hidden Fences L.A., Jordan also staged The Color Urkel at Good Good Comedy Theatre in Philly.

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